Going Baroque – Inspiring students to explore

Several weeks ago, Susan Dennis and I wrote a guest blog for Leila Viss (88 Piano Keys) about our experience in planning a Baroque-themed program for our students.  It was a fun way to inspire our students to explore the Baroque era. Below is our blog post (link to the original post here) For mostContinue reading “Going Baroque – Inspiring students to explore”

How to survive a jazz concert

This is part of an ongoing series of posts where I will explain what to expect when attending a live concert.  Music is best experienced firsthand, and depending on the genre, what’s expected for the concert-goer can be quite varied. Here are my thoughts on attending an Jazz Concert in Vancouver. What is a jazzContinue reading “How to survive a jazz concert”

Jazz Piano and dance lessons for me!

About 4 years ago, I told a young student that I was still taking piano lessons, and he was shocked to find out that his piano teacher “didn’t know everything about music”. The fact is teachers must always strive to learn and grow, no matter how many years one as been teaching. That’s why I’veContinue reading “Jazz Piano and dance lessons for me!”

Free Concerts in the Summer!

Did you know you can experience the VSO, k-os, Stephen Fearing, Jerrica Santos,  and more all for FREE this summer ? All you need are a few blankets or fold-out chairs, and maybe even a picnic basket with snacks and you’re set! Here is a list of some of the free concerts offered in theContinue reading “Free Concerts in the Summer!”

The Amabilis Singers

On Saturday, May 4th, I had the opportunity to attend a concert by the Amabilis Singers (tickets courtesy of a thoughtful friend, D). The concert took place at New Westminster Christian Reform Church, which was a nice, 15 min. walk from home. As I entered the church, I was impressed by the beautiful organ inContinue reading “The Amabilis Singers”

How I compose for the VSO

On Wednesday, May 1, I attended a VSO (Vancouver Symphony Orchestra) music educational experience called “Musical Encounters”. This is put on by the volunteers at the VSO, and features a composer or musician sharing their experiences with the general public.  The doors opened at 6:15pm for a wine and appetizer reception, then the talk beganContinue reading “How I compose for the VSO”