Amazing pianos (Part 2)

Yes, there are plenty of cool-looking pianos out there for those who can fork out the dough…they are visually stunning! 1. Heintzman Crystal Piano by Heintzman Features: -so far, it is the most expensive piano ever sold! -sold to a private bidder for 3.2 Million   2. Alma-Tadema by Steinway Features:   -designed with decorationsContinue reading “Amazing pianos (Part 2)”

Amazing pianos you’ve never seen before! (Part1)

The piano can produce beautiful sounds…and piano makers have been inspired to create beautiful pianos as well. As seen on my previous post about ancient instruments, some keyboards have been decorated with beautiful paintings and other imbued with fancy details.  But these pianos created lately are just breathtaking: 1. The Schimmel Grand Piano – “Pegasus” Continue reading “Amazing pianos you’ve never seen before! (Part1)”