Amazing pianos (Part 2)

Yes, there are plenty of cool-looking pianos out there for those who can fork out the dough…they are visually stunning!

1. Heintzman Crystal Piano by Heintzman


-so far, it is the most expensive piano ever sold!

-sold to a private bidder for 3.2 Million

Photo from


2. Alma-Tadema by Steinway

Photo from (Left is the original, right is the reproduction)


-designed with decorations in 1887 by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

-has been described as “the most artistic piano ever produced

-made for $1,200 sold for 1.2 Million (110 years after it was made)

-Steinway has reproduced this piano in 2006

-inlaid with 2,200 pieces of mother of pearl


3. Summertime by Steinway


-hand painted by Timothy Martin

-sets you back $165,000.00

-painted with flowers, plants, birds, insects, the piano inspires you to compose beautiful melodies as if sitting on  the banks of a lake on a beautiful summer day.

Photo from

4. The Hydra by Apostol Tnokovski


-the creator was inspired after watching Lady Gaga perform at a concert.  He thought her piano didn’t suit her stage and outfits, so he designed a piano that he thought would fit in better

-unknown price

Photo from

5. Key between you by Yamaha


-Yamaha created this digital keyboard in an attempt to bring the audience closer to the performer

-the keyboard is designed in a way to allow the audience to experience the music in a closer way, and the seats are arranged in a circle.

Photo from

6. Key in Cantilever  by Yamaha


-looks like two rectangular slabs

-architecturally unique


-has an 89th key that detaches and is a remote control!

Photo from

Photo from

7. Yamaha Avant Grand N3

-this amazing work of technology is both acoustic and digital

-because it’s a digital piano, it will NEVER need tuning.  Also, you can connect this to a computer for composing and recording music, and you can get various sound effects

-can hear music through headphones

-extremely realistic sound and touch (compared to an acoustic piano)

-has some parts that are part of an acoustic piano; therefore, this piano is part of a new breed called “hybrid” pianos, that have both acoustic and digital parts

Photos from Yamaha

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