What I Offer

In Person Lessons

Piano lessons for all ages in my home studio or online in the comfort of your home. Not only will you learn to play the piano, you’ll have fun! You’ll receive a well-rounded education through a variety of creative learning activities and games. Connect with other students through performance opportunities and other enrichment activities. All you need is a full-size weighted keyboard or acoustic piano to start!

Online Lessons

Online piano lessons are ideal for home-confinement, those who live outside of my travel zone, have busy schedules, or travel frequently. Using Internet MIDI, I am able to produce sounds from my keyboard directly into the computer, or even to your keyboard speaker. My preferred platform is Zoom because of its screen share and sound settings. All you need is a laptop and a keyboard/acoustic piano to start!

Meet Hannah Greiner

I have been offering piano lessons since 2004 and obtained my Teacher’s Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto (ARCT) in 2010. An involved and active member in the local community, I have held the positions of Halloween Recital Coordinator, Auditions & Recital Convener, and Online Communications & Webmaster for the Ontario Registered Music Teacher’s Association (ORMTA). In 2016, I became a Certified Teacher – Advanced Specialist with the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM).

Teaching piano is my passion and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Professional Memberships

What People Say

Hannah was always encouraging and positive when teaching our daughters. In addition, Hannah was also very accommodating due to our busy activity schedule.  Our girls enjoyed the mix between classic and pop songs. Hannah utilized various techniques to maintain the girls’ interest in piano (ie. musical hangman, prizes for 100 days of practice, stickers for passing a song).  We appreciate your time and patience over the past 3 years!

Gary & Patricia (parents)

Hannah is not only my favorite teacher but also a good friend.  Since I was 4-year-old, I have been looking forward to going to my piano class on each Saturday.  I never thought that piano has this much fun and also could bring happiness to the others.  There are some old ladies who live in the seniors building have enjoyed watching my piano playing (practice) so much.  They said I have brought them so much fun and happy times.  Thanks so much Hannah! You are the best!

Joshua (student)

As a fellow colleague and piano teacher, I admire Hannah’s ability to adapt to changes and get involved. She is generous in sharing the information she discovers about the latest pedagogical ideas, and inspires her students to explore music learning beyond the piano keys

Natasha (colleague)

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Contact me for a free, no-obligation trial lesson. Finding the right teacher for you is the most important step in starting your piano journey.