My name is Hannah Hu-Wah Greiner. I’m a pianist who loves teaching, educating myself on the latest ideas and research in piano and pedagogy, attending concerts, and coffee!

I believe that ANYBODY who has the desire and motivation can learn how to make music on the piano, and I will do my best to help you reach your goals!

I have been teaching piano since 2004, and it’s my joy and passion to share what I’ve learned with you.  I obtained my teacher’s ARCT from the Royal Conservatory of Music in 2010. One of the best parts about teaching piano is that each student is different, so I continue to learn, read, attend masterclasses, festivals, conferences, and am an active member of the Ontario Registered Music Teacher’s Association (Auditions and Recitals Coordinator, 2016-2018). I strive to make music relevant to each student and incorporate music history and theory along with practical skills to develop their technique and proficiency. I tailor each lesson to the student’s needs and goals.

Contact me for more information about  lessons, location. You can fill out the Contact  or the Registration Form.

Why is this site called pianofortekeys?  Pianoforte is the actual name of the piano!  Piano is Italian for “soft” or “quiet” while forte is Italian for “loud”.  Put together, this encompasses what the piano is capable of.    You can think of this site as “the keys of the pianoforte” or “keys to learning the pianoforte” !