The high cost of music – why music teachers are worth it

Recently there has been an article circling around on the Internet, posted by a disgruntled mother, who complained about the high costs of enrolling a child in music lessons. She states that the current going rate for a piano teacher is about $1 per minute, or $60/hr. Loggers make on average $16.83/hr, Physicists in universityContinue reading “The high cost of music – why music teachers are worth it”

Free Concerts in the Summer!

Did you know you can experience the VSO, k-os, Stephen Fearing, Jerrica Santos,  and more all for FREE this summer ? All you need are a few blankets or fold-out chairs, and maybe even a picnic basket with snacks and you’re set! Here is a list of some of the free concerts offered in theContinue reading “Free Concerts in the Summer!”