Books for beginners you probably haven’t heard about

This year, I’ve come across two different books for beginners that are innovative and target different kinds of beginner piano students. Both are relatively new, and I’ve been implementing them into my lessons with success! 1. Cougar’s Great Adventure This book is by Marianne Marusic, piano teacher, RCM Examiner, and founder of the Metropolitan SchoolContinue reading “Books for beginners you probably haven’t heard about”

The high cost of music – why music teachers are worth it

Recently there has been an article circling around on the Internet, posted by a disgruntled mother, who complained about the high costs of enrolling a child in music lessons. She states that the current going rate for a piano teacher is about $1 per minute, or $60/hr. Loggers make on average $16.83/hr, Physicists in universityContinue reading “The high cost of music – why music teachers are worth it”

Music and the Olympics

As many of you are following the Olympic Games in London, you may have noticed athletes listening to music before their competition. According to the article below from the Vancouver Sun (I can confirm this from my personal experience), music can motivate or calm you: ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Michael Phelps of the U.S. listens to music asContinue reading “Music and the Olympics”

Protect your memory – learn an instrument!

The article below is from a posting in Feb. 2012 by ABC News: Playing Music Protects Memory, Hearing, Brain Processing COLUMN by LEE DYE Feb. 1, 2012 — Study Gives First Concrete Proof Playing Instrument Helps ‘Neural Processing’ Want your brain to be as fit as a fiddle, even after you are old andContinue reading “Protect your memory – learn an instrument!”