New Horizons

ImageThis fall, I will be moving to Toronto as my husband studies for his PhD in Egyptology. This means i will no longer be teaching my faithful and wonderful piano students, whom I have grown to respect and adore.  Instead, I will be heading east to the land of the highest building in North America, the largest city in Canada, diverse (nearly half of the population are born outside Canada), and probably the warmest and coldest temperatures.

However, I am also excited at the possibilities, as Toronto is home to the Royal Conservatory of Music, and has a bustling music and arts scene.  I hope to continue to teach piano, and also work on my skills as a piano technician too (currently seeking out someone willing to take me on as a volunteer/apprentice).

I also want to learn more about the Kodaly and Suzuki methods, in order to grow as a music teacher and be able to adapt better to my students’ needs. Also, Toronto is so much closer to many destinations on my bucket list, including Nova Scotia, Montreal, Newfoundland, and flights overseas will be a lot cheaper than from Vancouver.

Feel free to leave any comment or tips about Toronto.

I wish all my piano students continued success in music, and hope that you will continue learn and grow with your new teachers 🙂

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