Classical music is not dead

“Classical music is not dead”. That’s the thought that came to mind when I arrived at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby on July 14 for the 25th Annual Symphony in the Park featuring the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. I was shocked at HOW MANY people there were at the park (estimated 10,000!). The tourist board ofContinue reading “Classical music is not dead”

Free Concerts in the Summer!

Did you know you can experience the VSO, k-os, Stephen Fearing, Jerrica Santos,  and more all for FREE this summer ? All you need are a few blankets or fold-out chairs, and maybe even a picnic basket with snacks and you’re set! Here is a list of some of the free concerts offered in theContinue reading “Free Concerts in the Summer!”

How I compose for the VSO

On Wednesday, May 1, I attended a VSO (Vancouver Symphony Orchestra) music educational experience called “Musical Encounters”. This is put on by the volunteers at the VSO, and features a composer or musician sharing their experiences with the general public.  The doors opened at 6:15pm for a wine and appetizer reception, then the talk beganContinue reading “How I compose for the VSO”

Masterclass with Dina Yoffe

I had the opportunity to attend a masterclass by Dina Yoffe last week.  A masterclass is like a special piano lesson with a well-known performer, in front of an audience.  The students who were chosen for the masterclass had to undergo an audition, so the teacher mainly works to polish  and refine their playing. DinaContinue reading “Masterclass with Dina Yoffe”

Watching Parker

On Monday, January 21, 2013, I had the pleasure of seeing Jon Kimura Parker live in concert with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. The evening featured three pieces, “Totem” composed by the VSO’s resident composer, Edward Top, “Piano Concerto in A minor” by Edvard Grieg, and “Symphony No. 5 in B-flat Major” by Sergei Prokofiev HereContinue reading “Watching Parker”