Composer of the month – Martha Mier

The composer for December is…Martha Mier! Background Martha Mier is a pianist, piano teacher, composer, and clinician and currently resides in Florida. I met her briefly at MTNA (Music Teacher’s National Association) in Baltimore in March 2017 as she was presenting newly composed material. Her “Jazz, Rag & Blues” series are hugely popular with manyContinue reading “Composer of the month – Martha Mier”

Composer of the month – Tom Gerou

Composer for November…Tom Gerou! Background Tom Gerou is a composer, arranger, clinician, and Vice President of Keyboard Production at Alfred Music. He has a Master of Music in Composition from Yale University and a Bachelor of Music from the University of Southern California. Gerou has over 150 publications and is an active member of MTNAContinue reading “Composer of the month – Tom Gerou”

Composer of the month – Wynn-Anne Rossi

Hello everyone! And in a blink of an eye, September has zoomed by!  I’ve skipped September because I had a baby on the last day of August, and I’m starting to get back into the groove of blogging. Here is October’s composer: Composer for October…Wynn-Anne Rossi! Background Wynn-Anne Rossi is a composer, pianist and musicContinue reading “Composer of the month – Wynn-Anne Rossi”

Composer(s) of the month – the Bastiens

Composer(s) for August…the Bastiens! Background One of the first books I was taught from was James Bastien’s series “Bastien Piano Basics”. As a result, when I first started teaching piano, these were my “go-to” books. I used Bastien’s Primer A and B books for young beginners, and continued with book 1, 2, 3. Meanwhile, IContinue reading “Composer(s) of the month – the Bastiens”

Composer of the month – Melody Bober

  The composer for July is…Melody Bober! Background Melody Bober is a pianist, teacher, composer, and clinician. She has a degree in music education from the University of Illinois and a masters degree from Minnesota State University. She has taught music in the public school and university level. I attended Melody Bober’s exhibitor showcase theContinue reading “Composer of the month – Melody Bober”

Composer of the month -Irina Gorin

Composer of the month of June…Irina Gorin! Background Irina Gorin was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and holds Masters Degrees in Piano Performance, Piano Pedagogy, Chamber Ensemble, and Accompaniment.  She comes from the “Russian School of Piano Playing” known for its impeccable technique, musicality, and the strict discipline required to follow this method. After moving toContinue reading “Composer of the month -Irina Gorin”

Composer of the month – Andrew Harbridge

Composer of the month May…Andrew Harbridge Background Andrew Harbridge is a composer, clinician, examiner, and the music director at Park Street Baptist Church. Andrew lives in Peterborough, Ontario. I first came across his music several years ago when I began exploring the Conservatory Canada syllabus. Many students (especially boys!) LOVE playing his music, which rangesContinue reading “Composer of the month – Andrew Harbridge”

Composer of the month – Debra Wanless

Composer of March…Debra Wanless! Background Debra Wanless is a pedagogy specialist who is the principal and founding member of the Northern Lights Canadian National Conservatory of Music. This music conservatory is unique in that it features only Canadian composers; therefore the content is entirely Canadian! She is also the founder of a piano pedagogy symposium called “SummerContinue reading “Composer of the month – Debra Wanless”