Composer of the month – Andrew Harbridge

Composer of the month May…Andrew Harbridge


Andrew Harbridge is a composer, clinician, examiner, and the music director at Park Street Baptist Church. Andrew lives in Peterborough, Ontario. I first came across his music several years ago when I began exploring the Conservatory Canada syllabus. Many students (especially boys!) LOVE playing his music, which ranges from jazz and pop to blues, Latin, and rock. He also writes in classical and romantic styles, so there is something for everyone!  His pieces are attractive because they often sound more impressive than they look, which means students can quickly learn and master his pieces.  He is the author of Piano Styles, Spectrum, and The Easiest Technique Book Ever (my personal favourite technique book to use with students!). I met Andrew at Summer Sizzle 2015 in Mount Forest.

Popular Pieces

Andrew’s pieces can be found the the Northern Lights and Making Tracks Series, Contemporary Idioms (from Conservatory Canada), and can be used as substitutions in Conservatory Canada and RCM examinations.

Below are a few of my favourites:

Level 1: Rock Song

Level 4: The River Meets the Sea

Level 4: Pentatonic Blues

Level 8: Boogie Woogie

Level 8: Dar Una Fiesta

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