Composer of the month – Dennis Alexander

The composer for August is …Dennis Alexander! Background I have been playing Dennis Alexander’s music for over 10 years. From his Christmas music arrangements to his Alfred’s method books, I’ve enjoying playing his vast range of educational piano pieces. Mr. Alexander was born in 1947 in Dodge City, Kansas and attended the University of Kansas.Continue reading “Composer of the month – Dennis Alexander”

Composer of the month – David L. McIntyre

The composer for July is …David L. McIntyre! Background I was first introduced to David McIntyre‘s piano music in the 2015 Piano Syllabus from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Although I am familiar with his piano compositions, he also writes extensively for orchestra, chamber ensembles, strings, voice, brass, and woodwinds (flute, bassoon, oboe, clarinet). Mr.Continue reading “Composer of the month – David L. McIntyre”

Composer of the month – Nancy Telfer

This month’s composer is Nancy Telfer! Background Nancy Telfer is a Canadian composer from Bracebridge, Ontario. She studied piano, voice, composition and education at the University of Western Ontario. Ms. Telfer has composed over 350 works for orchestras, choirs, chamber ensembles, and soloists. I met Ms. Telfer at the Contemporary Showcase Festival held in Toronto,Continue reading “Composer of the month – Nancy Telfer”

Composer of the month – Helen Marlais

The composer for June is…Helen Marlais! Background Dr. Helen Marlais is an author, composer, teacher and clinician. She is well-known for her popular piano method book, “Succeeding at the Piano”.  Dr. Marlais is also the Director of Keyboard Publications for the Frank J Hackinson (FJH) Music Company, a leading name in the music publishing world. She isContinue reading “Composer of the month – Helen Marlais”

Composer of the month – Elissa Milne

The composer of the month of May is…Elissa Milne! Background Elissa Milne is a versatile teacher, composer, and clinician from Sydney, Australia. She has written music for the piano, organ, choir, as well as for musicals and chamber ensembles. She is most well-known for her educational piano pieces, and her compositions can be found inContinue reading “Composer of the month – Elissa Milne”

Composer of the month – Kevin Olson

Welcome back! I missed March already (where did the time go?!) so here is the composer for April…Kevin Olson! Background Dr. Kevin Olson is a pianist, composer, and teacher in the piano faculty at Utah State University. Dr. Olson began composing at 5 years old, and is the Composer in Residence at the National ConferenceContinue reading “Composer of the month – Kevin Olson”

Composer of the month – Carol Matz

Composer for February…Carol Matz! Background Carol Matz is a composer, arranger, and teacher.  She has written over 300 published titles for piano students, and presents workshops around the world. I attended Carol Matz’s workshop in March 2017, and was very impressed by her passion and enthusiasm for sharing music with students. You can read herContinue reading “Composer of the month – Carol Matz”

Composer of the month – Wendy Stevens

Starting off 2018…the composer of the month is Wendy Stevens! Background Wendy Stevens is a pianist, teacher, composer and clinician.  She has a Bachelor of Music in Piano Pedagogy and Masters of Music in Theory and Composition from Wichita State University. She publishes blogs regularly on her website . She offers many helpful ideas for teachersContinue reading “Composer of the month – Wendy Stevens”