Composer of the month – Tom Gerou

Composer for November…Tom Gerou!IMG_6643.JPG


Tom Gerou is a composer, arranger, clinician, and Vice President of Keyboard Production at Alfred Music. He has a Master of Music in Composition from Yale University and a Bachelor of Music from the University of Southern California. Gerou has over 150 publications and is an active member of MTNA (Music Teachers National Association).

Gerou presented at MTNA 2017 in Baltimore, introducing new music.


Popular Pieces

Level 3: Delightful Dreams

From Tom’s “Piece by Piece” series:

Level 5: You and I

Listen carefully, and you can hear a dialogue between two people (“you” and “I”): The first person starts with a 4-part chorale. At around 0:30, notice the change in style. Around 0:40, the chorale-style returns, then the flowing melodic section soon returns, transforming into the chorale style at the end.


Level 7: A Hint of Jazz

Here is Tom playing a few of his pieces from his “Piece by Piece” series:



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