How To Raise a Smart Kid – Part 3

In this third and final post on “How to Raise a Smart Kid”, I delve into the 5 factors ┬áthat lead to more successful academic achievement in kids, this time specifically in private music lessons, to determine what makes a “smart musician”.   Attitude toward education Examine your attitude toward music lessons. Assuming this isContinue reading “How To Raise a Smart Kid – Part 3”

How To Raise a Smart Kid – Part 1

How to Raise a Smart Kid Since 2004, I have taught hundreds of children, teenagers, adults, and seniors from 3 to 80+ years old. One of the most fascinating aspects of my job is meeting different kinds of students, all with unique personalities and backgrounds. I am especially interested in the range of ability inContinue reading “How To Raise a Smart Kid – Part 1”