Where to Rent or Buy?

There are many piano/music stores across the GTA. Here are a few:

Cosmo Music


J.D. Grandt

Long and Mcquade

Paul Hahn & Co.

Remenyi House of Music

Robert Lowrey

Steve Jackson Pianos

The Piano Boutique

Toronto Piano Group

Tom Lee Music

Many piano owners who wish to sell their pianos frequently post in online ads such as Craigslist or Kijiji

However, when purchasing pianos from private owners, buyer beware!  The condition or quality of the pianos have not been checked by a piano technician, and you don’t want to pay more for a piano that requires expensive repairs.

The value of a piano depends on many factors such as name, model number, year, and whether the piano requires repairs, whether it has been regularly tuned, where it was placed, etc.  Just because a piano looks good on the outside does not mean it’s a good piano, and vice versa.

You can get your piano appraised here or check its value here or here.

Bring a piano technician with you when you meet the seller.  Even better, ask a piano technician if they know anyone who is looking to sell their piano. You’ll get an excellent referral and know the price is reasonable.

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