Rent or Buy?

Unless you are unsure about whether you want to commit to piano lessons, or have little money saved up, the advantages of owning outweigh renting.

The  downside to owning is that you may not be able to afford the entire payment at once, or you may find you do not like the sound/look/feel of your piano after testing it out at home.  With rental programs available from most piano stores such as Pacey’s Pianos, Meister Piano, Long and McQuade, and Tom Lee Music, you can rent month-to-month, or rent-to-own.

Here’s a comparison to help you decide which rental options are available (current as of 2014):

Rent to Own Rent to Rent
Description Most Rent-to-Own Programs are for a 12 month term, with the option to use the rental payments toward owning the piano, or upgrading to a different piano, or terminating the rental without purchase. Rent-to-Rent pianos are typically used pianos in good condition.Contracts typically range from 6-12 months
Monthly Cost Pacey’s Pianos basic pianos start at $45/month and Yamaha at $75/month.Long and McQuade only offer rentals for digital pianos, ranging from $70 – $111/month for 18 months. 

Meister Pianos offer pianos for $45/month, moving for $100 and tuning for $40.


A minimum of six-month period is required for our Rent-to-Rent pianos rental program. Tom Lee’s Rent-to-Rent pianos start at $29 per month, plus taxes, delivery, and tuning fees.
Other Details If you choose to terminate the rental program before your contract is due, you still have to pay for the remainder of the contract.
Summary The rental payments go toward a purchase. After the first year, you can choose to cancel or keep your piano, or even upgrade your piano This Rental program is great for individuals or families who need time to decide whether owning a piano for their home is in their future, or who simply wish to rent an upright month-to-month

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