Music Institutions in Canada

Music institutions in Canada provide the structure, curriculum, and standards required to become proficient, well-rounded musicians.

The largest music institution in Canada is the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM).  Other institutions you may have heard of are Conservatory Canada (CC), and the Canadian National Conservatory of Music (CNCM).  Each institution strives to educate and develop learners with a slightly different focus.

  • The Royal Conservatory of Music has a reputation as the “traditional” institution with a heavy focus on the classical stream.
  • Conservatory Canada incorporates more music from Canadians in its curriculum, and has a “Contemporary Idioms” stream which allows students to pursue their interest in more contemporary genres such as rock, pop, ballads, blues, and jazz, with a strong emphasis on creativity and improvisation.
  • The Canadian National Conservatory of Music celebrates and promotes Canadian content and strives to bring music to rural communities. Students prepare a written program and are also graded on their oral presentation and performance etiquette.

All three conservatories offer practical and theory exams from level 1-10, Associate Teacher/Performer, and Licentiate Performer/Pedagogy.