Hannah was always encouraging and positive when teaching our daughters. In addition, Hannah was also very accommodating due to our busy activity schedule.  Our girls enjoyed the mix between classic and pop songs. Hannah utilized various techniques to maintain the girls’ interest in piano (ie. musical hangman, prizes for 100 days of practice, stickers for passing a song).  We appreciate your time and patience over the past 3 years!

-Gary and Patricia (parents)-

Hannah was the best piano teacher I will ever have.  She allowed me to play pop songs and gave me a choice in the songs I wanted to play. I had a great time with her teaching me over the past 3 years.

-Olivia (student)-

Thank you Hannah for being my piano teacher and teaching me how to play piano.  I liked how you taught me how to play songs bit by bit so I could remember the song.

-Ava (student)-

Thank you for everything you have showed us about piano.

-Vanessa and Victoria (sisters, students)-

My son, Joshua, has been learning piano with Hannah for the past 4 years since he was 4-year-old.  Hannah is a truly dedicated and knowledgeable piano teacher.  She not only taught piano techniques but also music theories.  Throughout her training sessions, Hannah was always patient, observant, detailed, kind, and creative.  Most importantly, she always methodically simplifies complex passages in music, and gives thorough explanations and demonstrations so little kids can really understand piano playing in a logical manner.  I sincerely express my deepest gratitude to Hannah for her tremendous help and support.  Joshua has been very excited to learn the piano since Hannah has a tangible and fun system of rewards.  She offered rewards for disciplined practice that helped my son stay encouraged.  As a father, I can see that my son has gained so many benefits from Hannah’s piano classes.  He now not only has learned the ability to handle pressures in life but also to respond to criticism.  Most importantly, he learned some social skills as well.

-Jay (parent)-

Hannah is not only my favorite teacher but also a good friend.  Since I was 4-year-old, I have been looking forward to going to my piano class on each Saturday.  I never thought that piano has this much fun and also could bring happiness to the others.  There are some old ladies who live in the seniors building have enjoyed watching my piano playing (practice) so much.  They said I have brought them so much fun and happy times.  Thanks so much Hannah! You are the best!

-Joshua (student)

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