Why take RCM exams?

According to the RCM:

The Royal Conservatory is one of the largest and most respected music education institutions in the world, providing the definitive standard of excellence in curriculum design, assessment, performance training, teacher certification and arts-based social programs. ”

“The over five million alumni of The Royal Conservatory have all enjoyed the many benefits of music study and carried these benefits into subsequent careers as doctors, engineers, lawyers, business leaders, athletes and teachers. Others, such as Glenn Gould, Oscar Peterson, Angela Hewitt, the St. Lawrence String Quartet, and Measha Brueggergosman have achieved international acclaim and defined Canada to the world.”

Students participating in this music education program prepare pieces from the curriculum and participate in practical and theory exams (the RCM has many examination centres across Canada so you can choose the centre closest to you).

Visit https://examinations.rcmusic.ca/academic-resources/general-information if you would like more information.

While the RCM route has many benefits, it is not for every student. Contact me to discuss whether you would like to participate or withdraw from RCM examinations, or have a personally tailored approach.


My personal experience with RCM exams is that they pushed me to concentrate and work toward a tangible goal; plus learning an instrument looks great on school/job applications, and completing RCM exams can even give you arts credit in high school!

Specifically for Ontario, students who complete:

Grade 7 practical exam and intermediate rudiments will receive credit for Grade 11

Grade 8 practical exam and advanced rudiments will receive credit for Grade 12

Click here for more information.

Another reason to take RCM examinations is that you will receive certificates and diplomas, and those students who receive high marks are eligible for awards and scholarships.


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