Conservatory Canada

Conservatory Canada is a musical institution founded in 1891 in London, Ontario. Although it tends to be lesser known (I had only discovered Conservatory Canada after moving to Ontario in 2013) I have been impressed by their:

  • Curriculum: features more Canadian composers than the Royal Conservatory of Music and a wide variety of genres
  • Flexible exams: students have the option of partial exams (dividing the exam into two parts beginning in grade 7), may register for a “mini-lesson” with the examiner after the exam, and may play a supplementary piece of their choice which does not require pre-approval.
  • Exams with digital pianos: “Digital pianos that meet specific criteria are enthusiastically endorsed for examination purposes at all grade levels”
  • eExams: students can take practical or theory examinations ANYTIME (not just during usual exam periods)


Furthermore, their exams feature “viva voce” where students must be able to name the piece, key, and composer, as well as any markings on the music. In this way, students receive a more “well-rounded” musical understanding compared to the Royal Conservatory of Music.