How To Raise a Smart Kid – Part 1

How to Raise a Smart Kid Since 2004, I have taught hundreds of children, teenagers, adults, and seniors from 3 to 80+ years old. One of the most fascinating aspects of my job is meeting different kinds of students, all with unique personalities and backgrounds. I am especially interested in the range of ability inContinue reading “How To Raise a Smart Kid – Part 1”

Composer(s) of the month – the Bastiens

Composer(s) for August…the Bastiens! Background One of the first books I was taught from was James Bastien’s series “Bastien Piano Basics”. As a result, when I first started teaching piano, these were my “go-to” books. I used Bastien’s Primer A and B books for young beginners, and continued with book 1, 2, 3. Meanwhile, IContinue reading “Composer(s) of the month – the Bastiens”