Composer of the month – Christine Donkin

Composer for January…Christine Donkin! Background Christine Donkin was born in northwestern Alberta, and studied music composition at the University of Alberta and the University of British Columbia. She composes choral, chamber, and orchestral works, and has written several volumes of pedagogical books for the piano, violin, and double bass. I met Christine in 2012 atContinue reading “Composer of the month – Christine Donkin”

Composer of the month – John Burge

Composer for December…Dr. John Burge! Background Dr. John Burge is an Juno award-winning Canadian composer, born in Ontario. He holds three degrees in composition and theory, and is a full-time professor and Director of the School of Music at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario.  Dr. Burge writes choral music, orchestral music (he won a Juno forContinue reading “Composer of the month – John Burge”